The University of Liberia Alumni  
Chorus Donates $10,000 to the  
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    The University of Liberia Alumni  
    Chorus third benefit concert to  
    go on, despite a delay by  
    hurricane Irene  
    TLC Africa, August 2011  

    Thrust80 and The University   
    of Liberia Alumni Chorus Team   
    to Support Scholarships   

    University of Liberia Alumni  
    Hits Headline in U.S.A.  
    All Africa News, August 2009  

    Reunite to Honor Teacher  
    Agnes Nebo von Ballmoos  
    By Susan Kinzie,  
    Staff Writer, August 2009  

    Chorus sings for Liberian  
    by Jason Tomassini,,  
    August 2009  

“Attending the University of Liberia Alumni Chorus concert is an
exhilarating experience. The Chorus organizes an idyllic event that
generates a feeling of nostalgia among members of the Liberian
Diaspora. Your invaluable contributions to Liberia, through the
University of Liberia will continue to illuminate the torch o
f “Light in
Darkness”. We congratulate ULAC.”
Dr. James & Mrs. Te-Anne Elliott (7th time Platinum Sponsors)

“Since their debut performance in 2009, the University of Liberia Alumni
Chorus (ULAC) has remained an exemplary emblem of national pride for
Liberia through their marvelous display of home-grown talent and
selfless contribution to the common goal of national reconstruction.  On
this third anniversary of their illustrious service to Liberia, I commend
the members of ULAC for their many
accomplishments which truly
justify the maxim of Lux in Tenebris - “Light in the Darkness”.
Hon. John F. Lloyd (7th time Silver Sponsor)
Commissioner, Office of African Affairs, Government of the District of Columbia

“The University of Liberia Alumni Chorus is emblematic of the best of
Liberia, presenting music of Liberia and the world, in soul stirring and
uplifting songs. I am
honored to be one of their Gold Sponsors, and
would urge anyone, music aficionado
or casual listener, to attend their
Mohamedu F. Jones, Esq. (Gold Sponsor)

“In the midst of all of the despair among Liberians in the Diaspora, the
University of Liberia Alumni Chorus (ULAC) has become our shining
light. Thank you for being
our Beacon of Hope”.
Leslie Norman Cole, Sr. (ULAC Supporter and Enthusiast)

“The melodious voices of the University of Liberia Alumni Chorus are
matched only
by the civic duty that motivates them. They are a joy to
the spirit!”
Alfred Konuwa, DPA (Silver Sponsor)
Vice President for Academic and Student Services, Woodland College,
Woodland, CA

”I want to thank members of the University of Liberia Alumni Chorus
for your dedication and commitment to give back to your former
institution and to your country. Yours is an exemplary effort that is
certainly worth emulating. Providing scholarships for needy students,
helping to uphold the image and prestige of the University of Liberia,
and honoring the work and memory of Professor von Ballmoos through
songs, put you all in a unique place for which you should be very

proud. Thank you for making us proud to be Liberians.
Ms. Enid Cole (7th time Platinum Sponsor)
Senior Financial Officer, International Finance Corporation, The World Bank
Group (Retired)

“With their unrelenting pursuit of perfection, uncompromising
insistence on excellence, abiding love for their craft , and total devotion
to Liberia, the members
of ULAC are a constant reminder that each and
every one of us has the capacity to help our country fulfill its noble
Cllr. Kwame Clement (Platinum Sponsor)

“The importance of the arts and its reach cannot be underestimated at
any time. Mrs. von Ballmoos’ legacy lives on in each student that she
taught. We congratulate the Alumni Chorus for its role in ensuring that
the performing arts will be pivotal in
the University of Liberia’s higher
education mission and vision.
Al & Aurelia Curtis (7th time Silver Sponsors)

“Good job well done to all of you for the support you give to UL. I am
very sure the
Government of Liberia is proud of you.”
Zinnah Barclay, Sacramento, California
The following photos are courtesy of ADAM GRAHAM and PATRICK M COOPER
    July 2012
    The Chorus performs at the
    International Conference on Health in
    the African Diaspora
    Baltimore, Maryland
    17 photos
    January 2012
    Chorus arrives in Liberia, hosts concert
    in the park, and visits their alma mater
    Monrovia, Liberia
    January 2012
    The Chorus hosts private concert
    for the president of Liberia,
    the African Diaspora
    Capitol Hill, Monrovia, Liberia
    January 2012
    The Chorus performs at the 2nd
         Inauguration Ceremony of President
    Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf
    Capitol Hill, Monrovia, Liberia
    January 2012
    Chorus members visits the grave site
         of their director, Agnes von Ballmoos
    Paynesville, Liberia
The following photos are courtesy of A TERRENCE BROWN PHOTOGRAPHY
    October 7, 2011
    3rd Annual Benefit Concert
    Dekelboum Concert Hall, University of Maryland
    College Park, Maryland        

         381 photos
    August 21, 2010
    2nd Annual Benefit Concert
    Silver Springs, Maryland

         350 photos
    August 22, 2009
    1st Annual Benefit Concert
    Silver Springs, Maryland

         444 Photos
    August 21, 2009
    A Reception in honor of the Chorus
    Hosted by Ambassador
    and Mrs. Barnes
    Liberian Embassy, Washington, DC
    118 photos
    November  2014
    The Chorus gathers at
    Christ Jubilee International Ministries
    for pre-concert activities
    Lowell, Massachusetts
    98 photos